10 Ways to Stop Hungering for More

1. Go outside and look at the clouds. What shapes do you see? Do not write them down.
2. Open your door and step outside, even if it’s raining, especially if it’s raining. Go ahead, keep walking and do not have a goal. Is life happening?
3. Sometimes I close my eyes. This might help you, too.
4. Close your hand around an apple. How do you feel?
5. You might want to be a cloud.
6. aero, alae, alee, aloe, aria, ilea . . . If you say these words as slowly as you can, you might lose the feel for them as words. That’s nice.
7. there is a stream somewhere as you read these words that is gliding over rocks, lapping onto burly roots on the shore, and whispering to a lone sleeper on a blanket while he dreams of a field in Delaware.
8. a bike gets you there.
9. are you still there?
10. You’re good.

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