We’ve launched a Lenten devotional series called EnviroLent, and you can jump on board anytime. It’s a cooperative effort between the staff at First Presbyterian Church Hamilton Square, NJ and us. You can view it on Tumblr, or subscribe to it with your email here:

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A Different Approach to Lent

In many Christian communities, when Lent is observed, it is about giving things up. That’s the standard Lenten plan, right? 

What are you giving up for Lent?

But is this the right question to be asking? What if we approached Lent differently. Caroline Newman recently commented on the power of intentionality here on ETR. Intentionality is a very different mindset that ‘giving up stuff’.

Enter EnviroLent. This is a devotional series which will run through lent, providing a daily reading which, just like ETR, features all forms of media. You can get it in your email by signing up above, or view it on Tumblr. And of course, it’s focused on the intersection of ecology and theology. It’s an opportunity to be intentional and thoughtful through the season of Lent.

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