An EcoTheo Thanksgiving

It’s just about time for carving that organic heritage free range Turkey (or Tofurkey). This is a season for reflection and gratitude, and we here at EcoTheo are not immune. We put the call out to the EcoTheo community for reflections on this season. And we’re excited for you to listen to these voices of thanksgiving from this community of passionate lovers of creation and seekers of God. We’ll be rolling out these voices over the next several days, so check back here, or check your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Voices of Thanksgiving from EcoTheo

We’d like to say our own big ‘Thank you!’ to those who will be sharing their story for our Voices of Thanksgiving. Stay tuned as their voices go up throughout this week and join in with your own. You can find all the stories of gratitude and reflection here.

And you can join in too. Just let us know,


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