Are you a Starfish Thrower

Some people approach an issue and say: this issue is too big, I can’t do anything about it

They look at a beach filled with starfish drying up in the sun and walk away. But there are some people that we may call naïve, gullible, simple, or even crazy, who walk along the shoreline, pick up the starfish slowly, one by one, and carefully toss them back into the sea. Those are the starfish throwers. Those are the people who will change a world, one small starfish at a time.

Growing up, I heard the story about the starfish thrower several times. But honestly, it lost its impact because of the constant wearing away of my hopeful self by the overwhelming realities of the world.

This is where a 9 year-old girl, a retired teacher and a chef from across the world enter the story.

The documentary, The Starfish Throwers features three unique programs that grew out of the affections of three peoples’ hearts, in very different cultures, among varying ages, within distinct ethnicities and from dissimilar backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: These people each took what moved them at the very depths of their being, and took the bold steps to do something—anything—with what they had.

These stories have renewed my hope in the small actions of the starfish thrower. The Starfish Throwers highlights three individuals who began with something small and have catalyzed movements reaching the most vulnerable of the world because of their passion, empathy, participation in humanity, and gratitude.

At The EcoTheo Review, we are motivated by passion and creation to find ways to participate more fully in life to affect positive change in your world and the world of those around you.

The joy of giving and the joy of sharing is a universal thing. You can do it with anybody. If that thought is penetrated among the minds of everybody, this world would be a beautiful place to live.

This video is not asking all of us to give up our jobs, to live in vans and to grow food to feed thousands. But it is inspiring us to consider our context and to enliven our own communities with our own two hands. What moves you to action?

What starfish have you been staring at for a while? What small thing can you do TODAY to help that one starfish find its way back into the ocean?

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