Mirrorform Psalms

Mirrorform Psalm 

Can I do you some good? Are you
too flush for favors? Do all your
favorite flavors sweeten your
spoon when they should? 

Once, I was hungry. Blood
foamed in a kitten’s
saucer, warm as your
hand. Master–– can I do
you some good? 

Mirrorform Psalm 

If not me, Lord, then who?
Can I be sure to know him if
he looks strange, or show
him the face that I show

How should the new me
be? Shall I be his and
yours to put down on all
fours? And who, Lord, if
not me? 

Mirrorform Psalm 

I make you in my image. From
the hem of your day-glo robe
to your hurt heart and trick rib,
you are pure human homage. 

Could it be I do you
damage conceiving
you? An act of love can’t
be abstract–– I make
you in my image. 

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