A “Sabbath Poem” for your Sabbath Morning

In college, one of my favorite professors introduced me to the “Sabbath Poems” of Wendell Berry. The “Sabbath Poems” are at times beautiful, at times comforting, at times witty, at times challenging, at times heartbreaking, and often, all of these things at once. Here are a couple snippets from one of my favorite poems, “Sabbath Poem II, 1995”

“The best reward in going to the woods
Is being lost to other people, and
Lost sometimes to myself. I’m at the end
Of no bespeaking wire to spoil my goods;
I send no letter back I do not bring…

So where I most am found I’m lost to you,
Presuming friend, and only can be called
Or answered by a certain one, or two.”

Here’s to hoping you find some Sabbath and quiet in your own life this week.

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