The Aggregate for December 6

Food power, young farmers, & 100 years of John Muir all featured in this week's Aggregate.

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Food Power!

According to Mark Bittman, there are four ways we can change the food system. Bittman dismisses one option right away: changing the national systems of politics and policy. That’s a high bar. Bittman is more hopeful for how eating differently, influencing through our vocations, and effecting local change can make a difference. But the national issues can’t be avoided either, and despite the difficulty of addressing issues of food on the national political stage Bittman addresses some hopeful, and less than hopeful, spots in this article over at…

New Young Farmers

Over at Orion Lauren Markham writes on the trend among ecologically concerned up and comers, “a growing demographic of young, beginning farmers–farmers by choice, not by heritage.” As one young farmer put it, “I realized that, to me, the difference between the environmental movement and growing food is that growing food is really positive. You’re saying yes, instead of asking people to stop something.” You can also listen to Lauren Markham share about the ‘New Farmers’ Movement’ at

John Muir 100 Years On

100 years ago this December conservationist John Muir died, but his legacy lives on. Over at Scientific American they asked speakers at a conservation conference what would be on the top of their lists to carry on the spirit of of John Muir (who founded the Sierra Club). Read their thoughts here…


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