The Aggregate for October 25

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Don’t Call Me an Environmentalist

This look at Millennials and environmental issues opens like this: “Young people have been the life blood of the environmental movement for decades. There could be trouble on the horizon though, and it all comes down to semantics.” Research form Pew indicates Millennials don’t self identify as ‘envrionmentalists’ at the rates of other generations. Is it just an issue of Millennials not wanting to be part of the system? Read more…

In Depth on the Disappearance of Bees takes a close look at the continuing loss of bees. The hope has been to identify the one cause of ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’, but the story is much more complicated. Read more…

Die, selfish gene, die

Are creatures just selfish at the core? Is this part of ‘survival of the fittest’? And if this is true, are the genes that code for life fundamentally selfish as well? A selfish gene. It’s what we often are taught, implicitly or explicitly, in high school biology and beyond. David Dobbs, writing over at aeon want’s to put the metaphor of the selfish gene to bed. An overly simplistic view of genetics helps feed the misunderstanding. Like so much of life itself, the building blocks of life, genes and gene expression, are much more complicated that this simple view. Read more…

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