More on the West Virginia Chemical Spill

Nate Sell recently posted an ETR blog on the chemical leak at Freedom Industries which spilled into the Elk River in West Virginia. In the wake of this disaster a number of questions have arisen on how this could happen and why a chemical plant would be placed so close to a river. Ken Ward, Jr., a nationally recognized reporter for the Charleston Gazette, has written a piece on state officials acknowledging they had no plan for a possible spill.

Emergency planners at the state and federal level have conceded that they never put together any strategy for dealing with spills of a toxic chemical from the Freedom Industries’ tank farm, despite its location just 1.5 miles upstream from a drinking water intake serving 300,000 people.

Ward’s article highlights the lax regulation and lack of communication between different authorities—an in-depth look at the mess, all of it. It’ll be interesting to see how West Virginia handles the situation and what results from it.


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