Our Lady of Eggplant

Dame of the Raging Apple,
grant us flavored 

flesh, oily 
epiphanies, we moan 

the globed heft 
in our palms, in your shiny 

purple cloak, Empress 
of Solanum 

melongena, parmigiana 
is a revelation, as is

and baba ghanoush, forgive us 

our emojis, our spongy 
indelicacies, Lady 

of the Aubergine, 
teach us how to be 

(in secret) 
a berry, hiding our own bitter 

seeds, plant us with 
eggs and all their abundant 

metaphors: cycle, genesis, 
shell, Lady of Nightshade, immune us

to bruising, and if not,
let us bruise 

beautiful, that all may witness
our skin, your skin

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