Out, Down, Wait, Feel

The EcoTheo Review is delighted to feature visual art from C.R. Resetarits, poet, collagist, and fiction writer. On her artistic process, she writes: “I like edges, and I like things that already exist and just need work. I like building things, and I like composition, patterns, palettes, visual rhythms. I try to create collages that make me happy or relaxed or amused, always looking for the right combinations. I used to rehab houses and found that was a nice physical outlet, but I’m too tired for that anymore, so I make collages to take me out of my head and put me down on a flat palette. I try not to get ahead of the intent of any piece. It’ll tell me when it’s ready. That would be the limits of my aesthetics: out, down, wait, feel.”

Reflections on a Moss Lake Day (collage)
Reflections on a Moss Lake Night (collage)
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