Strange Forms

The Ecotheo Review is pleased to feature several selections by visual artist Darrell Black. Throughout his work, Black aims to explore “the unique wonderland of strange forms and colors.” Of his creative process, he writes: “my creative process is a mixture of works on paper, acrylic paint, found objects, and non-toxic hot glue. My technique creates a three-dimensional effect on any surface that gives a sense of realism and presence in my artwork.  I refer to this optical artistic illusion as ‘definism.’ In my opinion, definism portrays various differences in human nature, from life’s everyday dramas to humankind’s quest to understanding the self. My artworks transport viewers from the doldrums of their daily reality to a visual interpretation of another reality.”
Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he currently resides in Frankfurt, Germany and is a member of the Veteran Artist Program abroad (EuroVAP). His website is

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