The Aggregate for September 27th

Farmers' market values, cell phones and the rainsforest, and Our Lady of perpetual surf

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Farmers’ Market Values

usps-commemorative stamp

Commemorative Postage Stamps introduced by the US Postal Service, USPS

Mark Bittman writes on Farmers’ Market Values. He says, “Farmers’ markets are not just markets. They’re educational systems that teach us how food is raised and why that matters.” Read more…

 Your Old Cell Phone Can Save Rainforests

Your old phone could be put to use to help stop illegal logging. Read more… 

Our Lady of Perpetual Surf


“…two men disguised in construction helmets and vests erected a ten-by-ten foot glass mosaic of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe on a train bridge along the side of a downtown road in the beach city of Encinitas, California.” Read more…

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