The Time of Growth

Artist Statement

My work starts with being out in Nature.  I explore the banks of the Mississippi River and marvel at both her size and the objects she deposits along the batture.  Driftwood, commonly found here, has always been a source of inspiration with its weather worn appearance and beautiful curves.  Oftentimes, driftwood is used in a way that utilizes its untouched state.  While beautiful, I wanted to go beyond this outer form and explore the varying grain pattern and color that these different species have.

Personally, this work holds a significant space because it draws attention to the beauty that nature has to offer.  The time of growth evident in the rings while also showing the decaying outer edges (due to the elements) provides an interesting and captivating juxtaposition.  These circular forms, arranged symmetrically, provide an opportunity to look at the natural world with a sense of wonder and appreciation. 

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